How we engage

Interview with Sheku Conteh. Photo: Tim Cooper.

Cultural Capability Training and Consultancy

Citizen Tasmania works collaboratively with commmunities to create an inclusive and more fair society that upholds human rights.

As part of these efforts, Citizen works to provide businesses, government, and organisations with the tools to address systemic inequality, taking an intersectional approach that considers the impact of migration status, race and gender. Citizen provides cultural training and lived experience consultancy to help transform workplace culture and allow individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

We offer holistic support through the following services:

  • Cultural capability training to help create a workplace culture that recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Employment and recruitment support to help create a culturally diverse workforce, increasing the proportion of culturally diverse employees within businesses and organisations.
  • Consulting service led by people with expertise and lived experience, providing intersectional insights to ensure equality, equity and accessibility throughout service delivery and policy design.
  • Developing culturally inclusive communications materials to help ensure that diversity and inclusion efforts are reflected on websites, newsletters, brochures and other organisational materials.

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Our training team

  • Lucille Cutting

    Lucille Cutting. Photo: Nina Hamilton.
    Lucille Cutting

    Lucille Cutting is a radio producer and presenter, and co-founder of The Pin, a platform discussing race, culture, and identity in Australia. The Pin was founded online in and has since gone on to host sold-out interview events in Melbourne and Hobart and events in Adelaide for WOMADelaide and at Splendour in the Grass. Lucille has presented and produced statewide and national radio programs for ABC Radio. Her writing is featured in Island Magazine, the Victorian Women’s Trust Journal and on ABC. Lucille believes strength can come through learning to tell your story with confidence and when you want to. Through a collaborative approach and education, she empowers others to do so.

  • Grace Williams

    Grace Williams. Photo: Ilona Schneider.
    Grace Williams

    Grace Williams is the Founder and Director of Citizen Tasmania, a cultural organisation that provides individuals with the means to tackle human rights challenges within their communities. She has directed films, published works, and presented internationally on the importance of engaging communities by empowering grassroots activism. Grace received the Tasmanian Human Rights Award Youth Award in 2018 for her documentary film Citizen that engaged communities in important discussions about human rights and diversity in Tasmania. In 2021 Grace produced and directed One a Week, which premiered at Paris Independent Film Festival. She was recently selected as the first Australian activist to join Nile Rodger’s New York-based We Are Family Foundation Youth to The Front for infusing arts and social justice into her project design and implementation of One a Week. She was recently published by Australian Quarterly, Oxford University Press and Black Inc.

Leadership Training

  • Seasonal Leadership Retreats

    Rosalie Martin. Photo: John Jarvela.
    Rosalie Martin

    Join some of Tasmania’s greatest change markers for a three day fully catered retreat. Citizen Tasmania, in partnership with 2017 Tasmania Australian of the Year Rosalie Martin, delivers a cycle of powerful, seasonal leadership retreats focused on the courage to create change. Throughout the year, retreats are offered in summer, autumn, winter and spring. The courage to create change is a circle of trust event. It is a safe space within an international gathered community using powerful methods to explore the concepts of courage and change and deepen our insights. If we want to enrich our workplace, home and community, we need to cultivate courage. We can create change, gain clarity, bring our work to the world, know our love for this world and, together with others, find our way.

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  • Film screenings and book distributions

    Together We Stand book cover. Design: Gordon Harrison-Williams.
    Together We Stand book cover.

    We provide organisations including businesses, charities, or educational institutions with the opportunity to view our human rights documentaries through private or public screenings. This involves our volunteers facilitating the screenings for your organisation. We provide books and other materials to accompany screenings which enhance the viewing experience. These screening create a platform to discuss topics surrounding our documentaries as well as providing further education on human rights. These screenings are a way to spread awareness about human rights challenges and mobiles people to catalyse positive social change.

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    Watch Citizen from Citizen Tasmania on Vimeo.