About us

Iman Sissay being interviewed about Growing Up African in Australia as part of the book launch event in Hobart in April 2019. Photo: Jacob Collings.

WHAT WE DO: Citizen Tasmania provides people with the means to tackle challenges within their communities through education, empowerment and connection. We use the arts as a vehicle for social change and transformation to create a society that upholds human rights, where people have the means to tackle challenges in their communities and reach their potential.

Our mission

Citizen Tasmania is a cultural organisation that provides people with the means to tackle challenges within their communities through education, empowerment and connection. Our particular focus is to support Tasmanians of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds to reach their potential.

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Our Board

  • Grace Williams, Founder and Director

    Grace Williams, Founder and Director. Photo: Gordon Harrison-Williams.
    Grace Williams

    Grace Williams is Law Graduate, Social Entrepreneur and Filmmaker who believes in utilising the arts as vehicle for social change. Grace was awarded, on behalf of Citizen, the 2018 Tasmanian Human Rights Youth Award for harnessing the power of storytelling to inform and engage diverse communities in important discussions about human rights and diversity in Tasmania.

  • Pratiti Amin, Deputy Director

    Pratiti Amin, Deputy Director. Photo: Gordon Harrison-Williams.
    Pratiti Amin

    Pratiti Amin currently works as a Team Leader at Relationships Australia Tasmania supporting a group of Counselors, Case Managers and Psychologists. Pratiti is passionate about women’s rights and has spearheaded the delivery of various community development projects focused on achieving gender equality.

  • Fiona Nelson, Chairperson

    Fiona Nelson, Chairperson. Photo: Grace Williams.
    Fiona Nelson

    Fiona Nelson is a senior legal advisor for the Australian Centre for International Justice. She has worked on strategic litigation and accountability for breaches of international humanitarian law in Germany and Australia. Fiona is interested in the intersecting roles of literature, art and law in human rights movements.

  • Syed Shaqil Jahangir, Secretary

    Syed Shaqil Jahangir, Secretary. Photo: Syed Shaqil Jahangir.
    Syed Shaqil Jahangir

    Syed Shaqil Jahangir is a former Police Sergeant and student of law at the University of Tasmania who believes that grassroots activism and community development is a powerful means of achieving social change.

  • Lucinda Kateros, Public Officer

    Lucinda Kateros, Public Officer. Photo: Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie.
    Lucinda Kateros

    Lucinda Kateros is a lawyer who is passionate about promoting the fundamental truth that all people are entitled to equal rights and treatment. She has worked with the Tasmania Refugee Legal Service to coordinate TRLS’ response to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Lucinda’s passion for human rights has led her to practice Refugee Law in Australia.

  • Anh Quan Le, Treasurer

    Anh Quan Le, Treasurer. Photo: Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie.
    Anh Quan Le

    Anh Quan Le is a Business School Graduate majoring in accounting from the University of Tasmania. He believes in providing meaningful educational tools for communities to take action to tackle human rights challenges.