Portrait of Antranik Sendoner. Photo: Tim Cooper.

Electnow is a project that supports people to tackle human rights challenges in their community through education, empowerment and connection. We hope to achieve this through a mobile and web app that supports people to learn about public policy challenges in their local electorate, and put the issues they care about at the centre of the political agenda, by connecting with other citizens and engaging politicians to achieve positive social change.

Social media has impacted our democracies. We believe it also has rich potential to make them more vibrant and accessible. The website uses a social networking structure designed so everyday citizens can speak directly with their elected politicians and with each other to create change. People can use the app to find their electorate and its elected politicians. It will also help people understand politics in a way that is nuanced but lacks complex political jargon, so we can all have a better understanding of our rights and easy access to the politicians responsible for upholding them.

The Electnow web app will be launching very soon — keep an eye out for the link to the website here and on our social media accounts.

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