None a Week

Grace Williams and Nourish Women’s Choir members at a None a Week march in Hobart in November 2021. Photo: Ilona Schneider.

One woman a week is killed by family violence on average in Australia. The impact of these deaths ripples throughout communities, affecting the lives and wellbeing on everyone.

Citizen Tasmania launched None a Week campaign in March 2021 as a primary prevention measure to shift the statistic of one woman a week dying due to family violence to none a week. The campaign mobilised 250 Tasmanians from Hobart to support this shift and enable change through implementation of systemic solutions of Health-Justice Partnership and Crisis and Transitional housing.

The campaign also highlighted the systemic gaps that existed in capturing the experiences of woman from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds impacted by family violence in Australia. To address this gap, Citizen supported young Bhutanese women to produce a theatrical play in Nepali that addressed power dynamics in heterosexual relationships and the influence of patriarchal behaviours which enable family violence.

The next iteration of None a Week campaign will raise awareness and support of cultural and linguistically diverse women to tackle this human rights challenge within their communities. We will do this by sharing our documentary, One a Week, a story of Launceston woman who lost her daughter because of her violent intimate partner.

Communities can also help in raising awareness of this human rights challenge through fundraising for this campaign and hosting a community screening.

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