None a Week

Grace Williams and Nourish Women’s Choir members at a None a Week march in Hobart in November 2021. Photo: Ilona Schneider.

One woman a week is killed by family violence on average in Australia. The impact of these deaths ripples throughout communities, affecting the lives and wellbeing of everyone.

Such a crisis should not be allowed to pervade our society. We believe women deserve to live and thrive in a world that upholds their safety as an uncompromising and inalienable right. That is why we started this campaign with three goals to tangibly improve:

  • increase crisis, transitional and long-term housing for family violence survivors
  • lobby for partnerships between the health and legal sectors to meet the complex needs of survivors
  • education programs for young people in schools to create broad cultural change

We brought together a diverse group of leaders working in the family violence space as part of the Citizen Tasmania Action Group. We plan to achieve the goals we have developed together through collaborative solidarity.

At the centre of this campaign is a catalytic story that began the push for this crucial cause.

A Launceston woman, who lost her daughter because of her violent intimate partner, reached out to us and asked if we would share the heartbreak and grief, she endured to spark social change. This was recounted in the One a Week documentary funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund, produced, and directed by our Director, Grace Williams.

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